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PHARMALP DEFENSES sustains the body’s immunity in winter and strengthens your natural defenses. 

Bacteria + Prebiotic + Zinc

Food supplement to :

Strenghten your immune defenses

Prevent winter disorders

Take if urgent needs

Product in boxes of 10 capsules and 30 capsules. 

Food supplement based on 3 strains of bacteria + Prebiotic (FOS) + Zinc, to sustain your body’s immunity in winter. 

  • • Lactobacillus helveticus R0052
    • Bifidobacterium infantis R0033
    • Bifidobacterium bifidum R0071

3 billon bacteria per capsule. 

List of ingredients : Bacteria (Lactobacillus helveticus, Bifidobacterium bifidum, Bifidobactérium infantis); zinc oxide; potato starch fructooligosaccharides; coating agent: methyl hydroxypropyl cellulose; anti-caking agent: magnesium

Gluten-free. May contain traces of milk products and soya. Capsule of vegetable origin (HPMC).

Adults & children > 6 years :

– In prevention, before and during the winter season : 1 capsule/ day, for 10 consecutive days per month, for 3 months ( 6 months for over 50 years).

– If needed in winter season : 3 capsules/ day, for 3  days then 1 capsule/day the 7 following days. 

3 to 6 years : 1 capsule/day, to be diluted. The capsule can be opened and the powder can be mixed with liquid.

This food supplement cannot replace a varied, well-balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle. Do not exceed the daily-recommended dose. Keep out of the reach of young children.

Storage at room temperature (<25°C).


key points :

+ Natural schield from winter, for the whole family (children, ederly, pregnant women..)

+ Symbiotic and synergistic formula

+ Proven efficacy in adults and children 

+ Zinc contributes to the good functioning of the immune system

+ 1 box of 30 capsules = 3 months prevention

+ Gluten-free

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